Holiday Watercolor Special

I’m taking a limited number of commissions that will be completed in time for holiday gifting! Pricing begins at 150 CHF/130EUR/150 USD (pay in  your own currency) for a one-of-a-kind gift for a very lucky recipient.

Commemorate a special place, trip, or event for a unique gift with a personal touch.

I would need at least one photograph or a description/location, and any preferences you may have for style or color palette,

Size Prices start at:
Tiny Painting 125 CHF
4″x6″ OR 150 CHF
5″x7″ 175 CHF
8″x11″ 250 CHF

60It’s been almost a year since we bought the apartment in Malaga, and after sampling all the scooter-accessible beaches, I think we’ve decided that Playa Caleta is our favorite. There’s a play area and workout equipment for the kids, a nice long spit of sand for exploring and creature-hunting, and best of all, a chiringuito that’s open almost all year round, unlike the others that seem to think that no one would want to come to the beach in February.


My Peep characters (as in, turning marshmallow peeps into pop culture figures, a la Washington Post Peep Diorama) have been a mainstay of Easter for me for many years now, but this year I decided to change it up a little and go for interpretations of great works of art by/for/featuring the yellow Peep bunnies. SO much fun.

Months ago, we had decided that we would visit Zermatt over the Jeune Genevois weekend.  Yay! Somehow, though, it was only about a week before the trip that I became fully aware of a salient detail: that the purpose of the trip was for my husband to climb Monte Rosa: 4,634 meters, second-highest peak in the Alps.

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Traffic on the way home from school dropoff = an unscheduled detour to Coppet for breakfast.
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As new expats in Geneva, we are always on the lookout for a new destination to visit on a long weekend. When my husband’s colleague generously offered to loan us his summer home in Bretagne, we booked a cheap EasyJet flight, hopped off to Nantes, and two hours’ drive later, we were at this lovely home, bursting with beautiful flowers, apple trees, and country house charm.

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