What’s Next

Are they vines? Tentacles? I have no idea! But I just sewed miles of these things by hand!

Audrey II (x4) for Little Shop of Horrors

Got a brief reprieve from making/decorating four functioning man-eating plant puppets, just short of the home stretch when I’d been planning to finish them all off in a solid week. Now I have all spring and summer to agonize and tweak. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.

Found a big slab of yellow (2x4m) felt at a brocante, and started out by painting my leafy/webby structures on it. After two days of felting and embroidering, suddenly felt overwhelmed because of its size. Put it away for a bit until I figure out if it’s worth the effort.

Tiny Paintings

Going for a very impressionist-y, old-master-y style with these little guys, with a vision of making beautiful tiny frames to go with them. Unfortunately these are painted on wood scraps, so they’re completely nonstandard. Just twiddling my thumbs until the hardware stores are open again.