The process of drawing a mandala is a quest for balance and symmetry; every mandala is unique, yet each one starts with a seed (the center). A mandala drawn by a human has her imperfections ‘baked in’ to the work. My mandalas are fully freehand-drawn, with no grids, guides, tools, or means of measurement other than my eye and gesture.


empimornart - 6

I have always wanted to somehow “collect” doors. Not only are they often beautiful and vary a great deal in style and color in different parts of the world, they are also rich in allegorical meaning: doors are how you enter a home; a place of learning; a place of worship. It’s also how a complex inner life presents an image (or a barrier) to the outside world. Embodied by the god of doors, Janus, they represent new beginnings, and the aloha concept of a simultaneous “hello” and “goodbye.”

fullsizeoutput_23e5In Volterra

A series of small, colorful works. Created during a trip to Volterra, Italy, inspired by the incredible light and colors of Tuscany.

 Human Form30

Interpretations of the human form in multiple styles; experimentation with various media informed by my weekly life-drawing sessions in Geneva.