Apocryphal Botanical

Plant & Puppet Art created for GAOS Little Shop of Horrors

Who could pass up an opportunity to design and build not one, not two, but five fantastical plant puppets ranging from tiny to two and a half meters (not to mention dozens of buds and tentacles)?

Along with engineer Tim Mottram, who built the “bones” of the largest puppets, we dove into the project in late 2019.

What’s inside?

Depending on the size of plant, could be: styrofoam eggs; papier-mache; foam; pool noodles; an old egg-shaped chocolate box; aluminum strips; wood; chicken wire; quilt batting; plastic foliage; our director’s old grabber-reacher from when he was injured…

Most non-structural elements were sourced from GAOS’ existing fabric and material stashes. Additional recycled material was purchased from the wonderful Swiss organization Offcut.

Shopping at Offcut

Downtime Sketches

While doing double duty as Assistant Musical Director and Plant Artist, the past two years were full of rehearsal doodles, plant sketches, and of course, Zoom rehearsals

Inspired by Twoey, my concurrent experiments in fiber, fabric, wire, and surrealism will soon be featured in a January 2022 Geneva exhibition, entitled ART/ISANAT

Enjoy the show!

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