About Empi


I started watercolor painting as a way to recall memorable images from my travels and the wonderful places I’ve lived. I also love the exercise of distilling the essential elements of a scene, and my abstract works are a reflection of those shapes, colors, and gestures.

I live and work in Geneva, Switzerland, with my family of two kids, two mice, and a husband. We spend a lot of time in Malaga (Spain), Åland (Finland) and North East, MD (USA) as well.

I have no formal art training. I have degrees in Computer Science and Music from Dartmouth College (NH, U.S.A.). I have worked as a professional pianist, musician and composer, a software engineer, a marketing and market research executive, and only 3 years ago decided to become a full-time artist. In addition to my studio work, I currently teach drawing and watercolor painting to adults in Geneva, and give piano lessons to adults and teens.

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